I don’t really post that much anymore 

But holy shit guys it’s the 20 year anniversary of Mother 2


Today is a remarkable day. This day is dedicated to adventure, friendship and love. Today is the 20th Anniversary of EarthBound / MOTHER 2! 

Let’s have a moment to appreciate this truly amazing masterpiece, this video game that manages to fill the empty wholes in our hearts! 

THANK YOU for making the unbelievable adventure of these four kids so important to us in so many ways, for letting us escape the real world into the big world of Eagleland and travel around the beautiful and bizarre places we never could have imagined.

THANK YOU for making us laugh when we needed it, for showing us all those memorable characters and for giving us such unique video game music which either takes us to a trip into our own minds, peacefully puts us asleep or fills us with wonderful memories and makes us smile.

THANK YOU for giving us a chance to be something, a hero, and save the world. For making us wonder and broaden our horizons. For turning so simple things into fascinating and so much fun. For making something wake up inside us all.

THANK YOU Nintendo, Shigesato Itoi and everyone else who brought EarthBound to life and gave us this video game which surely is a one of a kind!!! 


20th anniversary 

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I was at the movies and this girl got bored and just started playing flappy bird in the middle of the movie

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I finished Earthbound/Mother recently and yeah….

This game is basically the anti humor of RPGS, It’s mind blowingly mundane but at the same time so intricate and even disturbing.

Anyway my favorite part of the game Lumine Hall inspired me to whip this up in 2 or so hours, I love the messages of existentialism and finding ones self during youth in this game, it resonated so deeply with me.

Now to ruin my brain more with Giygas theories and Mother 3! 

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